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[Fat Bike Rim] [Wild Dragon Generation II] 26" 90mm Carbon Fat Bike Rim - [NXT90WD-II]

[New Fat Bike] 24" 80mm Width Fat Bike Rim - [NXT24SD80]

[New MTB] AM version 40mm width MTB rims: [NXT26AM40] [NXT27AM40] [NXT29AM40]

[New MTBDH version 40mm width MTB rims: [NXT26DH40] [NXT27DH40] [NXT29DH40]

[Black Eagle Generation II] 65mm width fatbike rim: [NXT65BE-II]

[Jungle Fox Generation II] 29+ and 27.5+ rims: [NXT29JF52-II] [NXT27JF52-II

[Asymmetric] [Wild Cat] 38mm width 29" and 27.5" MTB rims: [NXT29WC38[NXT27WC38]

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