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Analysis of Trace Fluoride Chloride Ion i

For electronic products, nuclear power and other industries, the purity of water has an extremely important position. Trace ions will make the purity of the product is not up to standard scrap, or the corrosion of the motor surface. Ion chromatography is a fast and sensitive method for the determination of anions and cations. It has become an essential instrument for fine product manufacturing. It...

Determination of sulfide and cyanide in drinking water GB575

GB5750-2006 provides that the concentration of sulfide in drinking water should not be higher than 0.02mg / L, free cyanide should not be higher than 0.05mg / L. Both ions have significant redox properties and are weak or unresponsive to suppress the conductance detection. Therefore, the amperometric ampere mode can be used to detect these two ions sensitively. Using Ag working electrode, Pt auxil...
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