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Analysis of the Linear Spectra of Four Heavy Metals of Zn2 +


Analysis of Linear and Reproducibility Spectra of Low Concen


Determination of Chloride in Workplace in Yunnan Province by

1 principle Hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid in the air were collected by a porous glass plate with an alkaline solution, separated by column separation, conductivity detector, retention time, peak height or peak area. 2 instrument: porous glass plate absorption tube; air sampler, flow 0 ~ 1L / min; microporous membrane, aperture 0.2μm; filter device; with a scale test tube, 5ml; Qingdao P...

Determination of Aminosulfonic Acid and Sulfuric Acid in Top

Chromatographic conditions: Column: anion guard column + anion separation column Eluent: Na2CO3 + NaHCO3 Flow rate: 1.50 mL / min Detector: Suppresses conductivity detection Injection volume: 25 mL Column and detector temperature: 36 ° C Sulfonic acid, sulfuric acid linear range, linear equation, correlation coefficient and detection limit Linear range (mg / L) Linear equation Correlation coeffic...

Determination of Eight Anions in HJ799-2016 and HJ 84-2016

Column: Anion column Eluent: Na2CO3 + NaHCO3 Flow rate: 1.30 mL / min Detector: Suppresses conductivity detection Injection volume: 50 μL Column and detector temperature: 36 ° C ...

Determination of Nitrite and Ammonium Ion in Shrimp Cultured

In the nitrogen cycle, ammonia nitrogen is oxidized to nitrite under the action of nitrosation, and nitrite is the intermediate product of ammonia conversion to nitrate. In the middle and late stages of farming, the accumulation of large amounts of excrement of aquatic animals in the water body due to the large amount of bait, the use of disinfectants on a regular basis, the killing of harmful and...

Comparison of Ion Chromatography Conductivity Detector with

Comparison of Conductivity Detector and UV Detector in Ion Chromatograph and the Comparison of Different Mobile Phase in UV Detection In the chromatographic method, the components to be tested are separated by a separation column and passed into a detector (a suppressor is added to the ion chromatographic suppression conductance detection), thus selecting an appropriate one depending on the nature...

Determination of halogen - containing oxyacids in drinking w

Drinking water with chlorine disinfection, because of its low cost, good disinfection effect is widely used. However, since 1970, studies have shown that the use of chlorine disinfection in the process may produce carcinogenic by-products such as trihalomethanes, so countries are looking for a more safe and reliable alternative to chlorine disinfection methods. Currently developed countries are mo...
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