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DOCO in the inorganic anions and cations

Publisher:admin    Release time:2017-03-03 09:43

DOPO (chemical name: 9,10-dihydro-9-oxa-10-phosphaphenanthrene-10-oxide) is a new flame retardant intermediate that has more thermal stability and chemical stability than organic phosphates High, good flame retardant properties. DOPO and its derivatives can be used as reactive and additive flame retardants, synthetic flame retardant halogen-free, smoke-free, non-toxic, non-migration, flame retardant properties lasting.
However, DOPO in the process of synthesis will introduce a small amount of inorganic anions and cations, the existence of these ions will inevitably affect the purity of DOPO, increase the safety hazards of end products. The dual-channel ion chromatograph can detect the inorganic cation and cation in DOPO, improve the efficiency and reduce the user's loss.
Pretreatment program: accurate removal of 1mlDOPO in 100ml volumetric flask, dissolved in 10ml of chloroform after adding pure water volume. Vigorous shaking and ultrasonic oscillation 10min, standing after taking the water layer to 10000r / min rate of centrifugation 20min. The supernatant was analyzed by solid phase extraction and 0.22 mm needle filtration.

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