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Silane coupling agent in the chloride ion

Publisher:admin    Release time:2017-03-03 09:45

Silane coupling agent is from silicon chloroform (HSiCl3) and with reactive groups of olefins in chloroplatinic acid under the addition of, and then obtained by alcoholysis. It has KH550, KH560, KH570, KH792, DL602, DL171 these models. The silane coupling agent molecule has a reactive group capable of chemically binding to an inorganic material such as glass, silica sand, metal, and a reactive group chemically bonded to an organic material (synthetic resin or the like).
The silane coupling agent has the general formula: Y (CH2) nSiX3 where n = 0-3; X-hydrolyzable group; Y is an organic functional group capable of reacting with the resin. X is usually chlorine, methoxy, ethoxy, methoxyethoxy, acetoxy, etc., these groups hydrolyze the formation of silicon alcohol (Si (OH) 3), and inorganic substances combined to form silicon Oxygenates. Y is vinyl, amino, epoxy, methacryloxy, mercapto or ureido. These reactive groups can be combined with organic substances. Thus, by using a silane coupling agent, a "molecular bridge" can be interposed between the interface of an inorganic substance and an organic substance, and the two materials having a disproportionate nature are joined together to improve the properties of the composite material and to increase the bonding strength. When X is Cl, the Cl- produced by the hydrolysis affects the bond and increases the conductivity and increases the risk of electric shock. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the Cl- in the silane coupling agent.
Pretreatment scheme: Accurately remove 5 ml of silane coupling agent in a 100 ml volumetric flask, add 5 ml of 0.15 mol / L NaOH solution and shake continuously. The resulting liquid was shaken with pure water and then centrifuged at 4000 r / min for 30 min. The supernatant was analyzed by solid phase extraction and 0.22 mm needle filtration.

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