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Determination of Nitrite and Ammonium Ion in Shrimp Cultured

Publisher:admin    Release time:2017-03-03 09:49

In the nitrogen cycle, ammonia nitrogen is oxidized to nitrite under the action of nitrosation, and nitrite is the intermediate product of ammonia conversion to nitrate. In the middle and late stages of farming, the accumulation of large amounts of excrement of aquatic animals in the water body due to the large amount of bait, the use of disinfectants on a regular basis, the killing of harmful and beneficial bacteria, the lack of oxygen supply, The accumulation of ammonia nitrogen nitrification process blocked, the formation of aquaculture water ammonia and nitrite nitrogen content is high.
    When the nitrite in the water accumulates to a certain concentration, the nitrite will be aquaculture fish, shrimp, crabs harm, its mechanism is: nitrite through aquatic animals gills and body surface penetration and absorption , With the blood in the oxygen-binding protein, and make it lose the function of carrying oxygen, which showed hypoxia symptoms. Even if the water in the dissolved oxygen is high, aquatic animals also show hypoxia, coma, such as food intake decreased, difficulty breathing, swimming slowly, physical decline, gill damage black, "pond", "floating head" , "Stealing", "risk" and so on. In addition, aquatic animals for a long time living in high water nitrite, the food intake decreased, poor mobility, self-immunity decreased, easy to infect pathogens, and outbreaks. Therefore, it is important to establish a method for the determination of nitrite and ammonia in aquaculture water. Ion chromatography is a conventional method for the determination of inorganic anions in water. In this paper, nitrite and ammonium ions in shrimp culture water were measured by PIC-10A dual channel ion chromatograph produced by Qingdao Puxin Instrument Co., Ltd.
Determination of Anions (1Cl-; 2NO2-; 3NO3-) in Shrimp Cultured Water by Ion Chromatography


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