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Determination of Melamine in Milk by Total Ion Chromatograph

───────────────────────────── No. Retention Time Name Concentration Peak Area ───────────────────────────── 1 7.186Melamine 0.1 83623 ───────────────────────────── total 0.1 83623 ...

Analysis of the Standard Spectrum of Melamine Added to Milk

──────────────────────────── No. Retention Time Name Peak Area Peak Height ──────────────────────────── 1 7.247Melamine 2282032 61273 ──────────────────────────── total 2282032 61273 ...

Single channel dual channel (conductance - UV) signal output

No. Retention time Name Concentration (ppm) Peak area peak height ────────────────────────────────── 1 7.575Melamine 1 1035065 26571 ────────────────────────────────── total 1 1035065 26571 ...

Determination of Diethylene Glycol in a Pharmaceutical by Io


Determination of Anions in Peanut Oil

Determination of Conventional Anions in Peanut Oil Column: NJ-SA-4A, 250mm × 4.6mm Detector: Suppresses the conductivity detector Eluent: carbonate solution Column temperature: 25 ° C Injection volume: 200uL ──────────────────────── No. Retention Time Name Peak Area Peak Height ────────────────────────...

Electrochemical Detection of Iodide and Thiocyanate in Milk

1 IntroductionMilk in the thiocyanate and iodine ions in infant food safety is an important test items. December 12, 2008 published "may be illegal in the food to add non-food substances and easy to abuse the list of food additives (first batch)" clearly defined thiocyanate is illegal addition of substances, but no corresponding GB test method. Thiocyanate has been used by unscrupulous dairy farme...
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