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Host failures and workarounds

Publisher:admin    Release time:2017-03-03 11:35

1, the phenomenon: plug in the host power cord, playing the main power switch, LCD no response.
Possible reasons: (1) the power cord is broken
(2) the internal fuse is broken
Solution: (1) replace the power cord
(2) replace the fuse
2. Phenomenon: open the host power, the LCD screen only shows a blue background, there is no number and text display.
Possible cause: The internal background color knob of the host is loose
Solution: facing the host, open the host on the upper left corner of the LCD screen circuit, find the inside of the most upside down with a screw, turn around, until the LCD screen appears "conductivity detector" and other text so far.
3. Phenomenon: All indicators of the conductivity detector in the LCD display are zero
Possible cause: Circuit problem
Workaround: Consult with the manufacturer.
4. Phenomenon: the host plug in the analog conductivity board and resistance, the stall voltage is 2 files, the display shows no negative 50 or so, and a large range of jump, select the current, the current does not add.
Possible causes: circuit problems or possible mimicking boards are not normal and resistance is damaged
Solution: It is recommended to replace a set of resistors and analog boards to contact the manufacturer.


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