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Single potential voltammetry in the use of some basic proble

Publisher:admin    Release time:2017-03-03 11:36

No peak
Solution: (1) Whether the volt-ampere key is pressed (2) Sampling mode is selected 2 (3) Whether the sample is in (4) Is the pump out of normal (5) Is the electrode wiring correct (6) Is there any bubble in the chemical pool
2. Baseline noise is large
Solution: (1) Replace the saturated KCl solution in the reference electrode (2) Clean the inner wall of the voltammetry pool (3) Grasp the silver electrode and the auxiliary electrode (4) Note whether there is any other instrument interference around the instrument, making the voltage unstable (5) the experimental process, the human body try not to touch the instrument
3. Compared with the first time to do the peak area significantly smaller
Solution: (1) the reference electrode surface of the black AgCl is off, turn bright (2) eluent preparation time is too long
(3) the standard material configuration time is too long

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