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Operating Instructions Installation and Commissioning Daily Maintenance Troubleshooting Sample Preparation

Ion chromatographic operation flow

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1, the preparation of fresh eluent
Prepare the eluent with the appropriate concentration according to the column
The deionized water of the eluent should be degassed
Bubble into the pump affects the stability of the pump, the baseline discount
Bubble enters the detector to influence the determination of the sample
2, boot sequence
Open the host
Open pump
Open the workstation, point the control panel to connect
3, start the pump
(1) Make sure that the pipette between the filter and the pump is filled with eluent. If there is a gas in the infusion tube, a smaller centrifugal force is generated because the density of the air is much smaller than the density of the liquid. Thus, the pressure difference between the tank surface above the pump inlet and the suction port is insufficient to press the liquid in the tank into the pump. (The solution is to unscrew the infusion tube, with the ear of the water will be sucked into the tube)
(2) start the pump after the first observation of the suppression of the waste tube in the water.
If not water, it should be checked is the pump problem
If the water, and then check the entire flow 2min, observe whether the entire flow of water leakage, because the leakage will cause the baseline drift, the instrument is unstable, the sample is not accurate.
4, wait about 30min, plus current
Waiting for 30min, is to keep the fresh eluent filled the entire flow path to protect the suppressor.
According to the specification of the suppressor set the corresponding current, the current is too large easy to burn the suppressor, the current is too small stall voltage is high, can not determine the sample.
5, waiting for the instrument to stabilize
When the stall voltage in the -30 to -60 between a certain value after the stability of the workstation full screen scale to 100, the minimum peak area adjusted to 2000, the analysis of deionized water. The purpose is to rinse the column and stabilize the instrument more quickly.
6, analysis of samples
Standard samples should be analyzed from low to high concentrations
When the sample is to be analyzed, it is necessary to rinse the dosing ring every time a sample is analyzed (manual flushing of the six-way valve port and the dosing ring, autosampler with automatic flushing)
7, shut down
The current is adjusted to 0 (very important), disconnect, stop the pump
Place the filter in deionized water and open the exhaust valve
Start the pump and rinse for 10min
Stop the pump and close the exhaust valve
Disconnected, off the workstation, off the pump, off the host

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