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Ion column daily maintenance and maintenance

Publisher:admin    Release time:2017-03-03 11:26

1, the column should be stored in the eluent to save, save the temperature 4-10 degrees Celsius, the use of temperature 20-60 degrees Celsius.
2, domestic NJ-SA-4A column should be used in the range of pH2-12, eluent and sample concentration can not exceed this range. The imported Shodex IC column should be used in the pH 3-12 range, and the eluent and sample concentration should not be outside this range.
3, the column maximum use of pressure can not exceed 15MPa
4, remove the column, the column temperature should be reduced to room temperature after the removal, remove the seal immediately after the seal.
5, containing heavy metal samples, should be treated with cation exchange resin, remove heavy metals to sample
6, containing organic samples, should be C18 solid phase extraction column after injection
7, the sample hardness is high, you should first remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the sample
8, sample injection must be 0.22μm microporous membrane filtration or disposable needle filter filter.
9, room temperature storage column, should be once a week through the eluent.

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