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Suppressor daily maintenance and maintenance

Publisher:admin    Release time:2017-03-03 11:26

(1) the operation process to be standardized
         After starting the pump, be sure to observe the waste liquid out of the waste liquid, be sure to wait about 30min after the current, be sure to finish the sample after the current transferred to 0.
         Long time useless, the first flow rate adjusted to 0.3ml / min, half an hour after the flow rate to the normal flow rate of the column.
(2) to ensure that the entire flow every week through a leaching solution
(3) suppressor in the stop, the current must be set to zero, otherwise the suppressor is very easy to damage.
(4) suppressor for a long time without the use of the initial use, should first pass 10-15 minutes after the eluent in the working current, help to extend the life of the suppressor
(5) Suppressors should be used in the range of 15-50 degrees Celsius
(6) Suppressor application current and eluent concentration and pump flow, eluent concentration increases or pump flow increases, the application of current should also be a corresponding increase

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