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How to do quality control

Publisher:admin    Release time:2017-03-03 11:27

How to do quality control sample:
1, running about 20min, the current is set to 40-50mA,
2, the output voltage down to -50 below and the value is not a big change when the click output zero
3, with deionized water to clean the syringe and needle 3 times, and then absorb about 2ml deionized water, injection analysis
4, when the baseline to maintain the level, (full screen range of 100) that the machine has been stable,
5, according to the order from low to high in order to sample the standard sample, and calculate the working curve
6, into the ion water, (the purpose is to reduce the impact on the examination-like)
7, sample analysis of quality control samples and calculate the results.
8, according to the results of the preparation of a similar standard solution, a single point of calibration to ensure the accuracy of the results.
1. Analysis of quality control samples must be a needle before the deionized water
2. Control samples in the dilution, the flexibility to choose the dilution factor
3. Deionized water used in the experiment must meet the requirements
4. The model used in the capacity of bottles, bottles, beakers, pipettes must be cleaned
5 drugs used in the experiment must be more than pure analysis

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