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Some experience and experience about the use of workstations

Publisher:admin    Release time:2017-03-03 11:08

1.HW2000 workstation use for some time, breaking the valve does not start, you need to click to start. The solution: Reinstall the workstation to try. two. Connect the two wire exchange positions on the valve. Cause: break valve start, the essence of the process of short circuit, the line connection or receiver chip damage will affect the spectrum acquisition. There may also be missing workstation software.
2. Do not show the image when running the spectrum, until after the break valve will show the image. Possible reasons: Workstation version is not the most appropriate. Hu Wenjun teacher suggested to use HW update procedures to solve.
3. On a similar system vulnerabilities and viruses: the workstation can be properly installed, start, the system vulnerabilities will not cause the lack of workstation software and other issues. The virus may have a certain impact. The following is a few personal errors, there are some suspected viruses, but later confirmed not.
Ⅰ, Fujian, a unit ran spectrum, the system automatically save three or more groups. Cause: When starting, multiple sets of spectra are on the workstation at the same time. Resulting in a number of spectra based on the start at the same time, will be closed after the release of multiple sets of spectrum. But after the virus can not find the virus. It is recommended that you leave only one spectrum before opening each time.
Ⅱ, we use the HW2000 workstation sometimes found that the use of multi-point correction, the three points as a template, directly open the sample spectrum will appear similar to the effect of the introduction of the template. But try not to use, for some similar to the first point. Open multiple sets of spectra, just at the last point to run the sample spectrum.
Ⅲ, on the multi-point correction on a small problem. Yunnan, a customer in the finished seven groups of five groups after the concentration of linear, a separate measurement of a CL. When the training to tell each other, the workstation identification to the name shall prevail. The other side looks simple. After the introduction of the template. Do the following: flatten the F ion at the baseline, quantitative components directly to the table, apply a separate CL retention time. Quantitative method to select multi-point correction. The result is 2.4 ㎎ / l. And then want to test the results of trace SO4 together. The method is similar to the previous CL 4.5 ㎎ / l. And the peak area of both is the same value. Reason: The workstation takes the order of ions in the template, not the name or time. After the correct operation, the problem is not present. Instrument programs and workstations are generally not a problem, but sometimes we use or understand the existence of problems. Looking for more than the previous experience, and more try to solve.


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