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Qingdao Puren won the Ministry of Science and Technology SME

The SME Technology Innovation Fund is a special government fund approved by the State Council to support and promote the technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises. Funds focus on related industries or industry development needs, select the industry or industry impact, the key role of the key technologies and key innovative products as a breakthrough, the Innovation Fund has a high growth of small and medium-sized science and technology projects to focus on support.
         It is widely used in the presence of drinking water, groundwater, surface water, acid rain, atmosphere, electroplating industrial waste water treatment after the discharge of water in the anions and cations, and it is widely used in drinking water, Heavy metal continuous automatic detection; widely used in nuclear power generation and thermal power generation, semiconductor industry, high water plant, water plant, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, petrochemical, oil drilling and other industries in the production process quality control testing.
The project has completed part of the investment, has purchased hardware and software development of equipment and equipment, with the production of ion chromatography desktop models mature technology and production experience, with the completion of online ion chromatography research conditions and technical strength. The company now has a variety of modern equipment and analysis and testing methods, to participate in the researchers have a high theoretical level of academic and rich practical experience and project transformation capabilities, to complete the online ion chromatography research provides a good experimental conditions and strong Technical assurance, especially in the overall design of new products, new technology research, sensor development, performance evaluation, and so provide a strong technical support.
This product has been completed prototype development, and in the user test run.

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