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Qingdao Pu Ren Ninth Ion Chromatography Seminar was successf

Jin Qiu sent cool, Osmanthus fragrance. Qingdao Pu Ren Instrument Co., Ltd. in September 19, 2011 to 23 in Qingdao Wolong Shanshui Hotel held the ninth session of the ion chromatograph seminar. Attended the meeting of the China Institute of Analytical Instruments, ion chromatography professional committee director, Zhejiang University Professor Zhu Yan, Shandong Province Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Dr. Cui He, Qingdao Environmental Monitoring Station Laboratory Jiang Hui, from all over the country's ions Chromatograph research operator, and Qingdao Puren engineers.
The meeting began, Ms. Pu Houqing, general manager of Qingdao, general manager of the opening speech, to the experts and colleagues to express my warm welcome and heartfelt thanks. She tells the company in recent years made great progress and development, and at the same time put forward the purpose of this meeting, that is, "seriously study, fully exchange and common improvement."
Professor Zhu Yan for everyone to explain "ion chromatography technology and application"

Dr. Cuihe for everyone to explain "ion chromatography in the field of food and other applications"
Jiang Hui director for everyone to explain "ion chromatography standard sample of the precautions and in the application of precipitation monitoring"
       Qingdao Puren engineers have explained for everyone "ion chromatography sample pretreatment, troubleshooting and routine maintenance", "ion chromatograph operation process" and "ion chromatography workstation use skills", while the user made the instrument on-site Demonstration.
At this meeting, we share the skills of the instrument used to solve the problems in the usual problems, and effectively improve the operation of the instrument level.

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