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Pu Ren attended the annual meeting of Qingdao Institute of A

         Qingdao City Analysis and Testing Society will be scheduled for January 7, 2011 at 2 pm China Ocean University Yifu Science and Technology Museum was held, Qingdao Puren invited to attend.
         Qingdao Pu Ren to carry PIC series of dual-system automatic ion chromatography and the latest research and development of PIC-20-type ion chromatograph to the meeting, the instrument by the authority of the experts, scholars alike.
         Ms. Hou Qianhui, general manager, summarized the achievements made in 2011 at the conference. First of all, PIC series of ion chromatograph in the government procurement have repeatedly won the bid, sales to achieve double growth, which Puren self-developed PAS autosampler has been mass production, sales of more than 100 units, and all running well, no A re-repair, which PIC-10A automatic ion chromatograph used in the national "food safety testing and testing center." Second, Pu Ren continued to strengthen scientific and technological research and development efforts, cutting-edge technology research, online ion chromatography and portable ion chromatography research and development is on schedule, and two prototype has been installed to the client for field testing. Again, in the past year, Pu Ren has access to the Ministry of Science and Technology "SME Innovation Fund" and Qingdao Science and Technology Commission "innovative small and medium enterprises to cultivate the plan."
         By this meeting, Pu Ren provided a Tablet PC and health tea pillow feedback in the past year to give us support and help experts colleagues, Pu Ren will be with a grateful heart, and further increase the new product new technology research and development Efforts, and always committed to the social goals and aspirations.

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