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Qingdao Puren won the bid for the State Administration of Qu

(Tender No .: 0702-1241CITC5M01) was opened in Beijing on April 18, 2012. The bid evaluation committee followed the principles of fairness, justice, science and merit to determine our PIC-10 / 10A ion chromatograph for the twenty-third package of products A / B successful products.
    PIC-10 type ion chromatograph consists of constant temperature conductivity detector, anion analysis column, cation analysis column, chromatographic workstation group, and cathode / cation analysis using continuous automatic chemical regeneration suppressor. For the analysis of yin / cations in the sample and the analysis of formic acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, and choline chloride, the lower limit of anion detection was 5 ppb (CL-meter) and the lower limit of cation detection was 0.05 ppb (Na + The
    The PIC-10A Fully Automatic Ion Chromatograph consists of a pump, a temperature controlled conductivity cell, an oven, an automatic regenerative suppressor, a high capacity separation column and a PAS autosampler. It is suitable for the valence analysis of anions, organic acids and cations, choline chloride, rare earth elements and transition metals in the samples. In the case of inhibition, the lower limit of anion detection was 0.2 ppb (CL-meter) and the lower limit of cation detection was 0.02 ppb (Na +).

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