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China's Food and Agricultural Products Quality and Safety De

In line with the Ministry of Agriculture, "the development of quality and safety of agricultural products," the second five-year plan "and" national agricultural product quality and safety inspection and inspection system of the second phase of the construction plan "implementation, with the Ministry of Industry to strengthen more than 450,000 food production enterprises quality and safety testing capabilities Construction, including the start of 4-5 "testing technology demonstration center" construction, with the General Administration of Quality Supervision, import and export of agricultural products and food supervision to further strengthen, with the Ministry of Health to strengthen the comprehensive coordination and management of food safety, with the business sector to strengthen food circulation Link, by the China Instrument Society Analytical Instruments Branch and the China Instrument Society of Agricultural Instrument Application Technology Branch jointly organized the "2012 China Food and Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Detection Technology Application International Forum and Exhibition", in June 5, 2012 To the 6th in the Beijing International Convention Center, the conference will focus on "to build China's food safety and security system to further promote the food, agricultural products, a wide range of new technologies for testing, improve the quality of food and agricultural products system construction" theme to carry out the forum And display activities.
    Qingdao Pu Ren as a professional manufacturer of ion chromatograph, was invited to attend the international forum and exhibition, and on the ion chromatograph in the food, agricultural product testing industry to do the technical report.
    The exhibition mainly displays dual system automatic ion chromatograph, has the following technical advantages:
(1) has a built-in pool column integrated thermostat system (patent number: 200820019630.3), temperature range of 5-60 ℃ ± 0.01 ℃.
(2) instrument operating system by the mouse a key to complete, with automatic selection range, automatically zero, set the current and other functions
(3) instrument large screen program, with a small workstation, display spectrum processing data, save the spectrum data.
(4) to achieve double conductivity detector, double injection valve, dual high pressure advection pump, dual system workstations, thermostat systems and other components integration, can complete the analysis of cationic and cationic.
(5) Autosampler through a dedicated interface and ion chromatography connected to the host, automatic injection, no manual duty, save time, effort and efficiency.
(Na +, NH4 +, K +, Ca2 +, Ca2 +, Ca2 +, Ca2 +, Ca2 +, and so on) Mg2 +, Sr2 +, Ba2 + and other cations

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