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2012 China Ocean University research and teaching equipment

The "2009 China Ocean University Scientific Research and Teaching Equipment Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference" organized by the State-owned Assets and Laboratory Management Office was held in Laoshan Campus on June 13th. Qingdao Prenergy PIC-10A Ion Chromatograph, PAS Type autosampler and the latest PIC-20 type ion chromatograph to attend this meeting.
Qingdao Puren's new PIC-20 Ion Chromatograph adds the following technological innovations on the basis of all the performance characteristics of the PIC-10 / 10A Ion Chromatograph.
1, do not need an external computer, built-in workstation can automatically process the chromatographic data.
2, the instrument high sensitivity, low noise, detection limit can reach 0.05ppb (Cl-test).
3, integrated structure, you can configure the voltammetry detector (domestic exclusive production), suitable for heavy metals and organic matter detection.
4, with automatic sampler, built-in workstation with data batch function.
5, can be achieved cationic or time-sharing or simultaneous detection, can also be used for gradient detection.
PIC series of ion chromatograph superior performance characteristics to attract the majority of the sea teachers and students stop the consultation, Pu Ren will be in the "promote scientific development, service staff and students" concept "for the university scientific research, teaching work to provide strong technology Conditional protection.


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