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Pu Ren wonderful debut at the tenth SISILEE

Shandong Institute of Science and Technology, Shandong Institute of Chemical and Chemical, Shandong Province, the new Cheng-hua Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shandong Province, the Institute of Chemical Industry and Chemical Industry, Shandong Province, Hosted the "Tenth Shandong International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and 2012 Analytical Testing Academic Exchange Conference", in September 20, 2012 -2 22 days in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center held a grand.
The PIC-10A dual-system automatic ion chromatograph and the latest PIC-20 ion chromatograph and PAS-Ⅱ autosampler are in full accord with the highest quality leading instrument. warm.
PIC-10 / 10A / 20 ion chromatograph has the following technical innovation:
Dual system ion chromatograph (first introduced)
China's first to introduce dual-system ion chromatography, effectively overcome the integration of the structure of mutual interference problems, to achieve anion, cation detection at the same time, can also be used for gradient leaching.
Voltammetry (domestic exclusive)
Applicable to bromine, iodine, sulfur, cyanide and other anions, lead, copper, zinc, cadmium and other cationic and organic detection, in 2002 to obtain production license.
Conductivity Detector (High Sensitivity)
Instrument sensitivity, low noise, stable performance, detection limit ≤ 0.2ppb (CL-meter).
Integrated structure (domestic exclusive)
To achieve conductivity detector, amperometric detector, high pressure advection pump, workstations, thermostat system, online degassing and other components integration.
Chromatographic Workstation (Anti-Operation)
The instrument has a built-in small workstation, you can display, save, process the spectrum data, but also by connecting the computer, to achieve computer anti-control operation.
Ion Chromatography Autosampler (domestic exclusive)
The first ion chromatography autosampler domestic brands, users can choose according to different needs of different types of ion chromatography; using electric injection valve full tube injection method, injection accuracy of 0.01%; sampling up to a single group 100, two groups of 50; injection volume is small, save the sample; can directly trace sample injection and rapid analysis, with inventions and utility models a number of patents.
As the world's leading manufacturer of ion chromatograph, ten years of development, Pu Ren has always been to technological innovation as the fundamental, and constantly develop high-tech products, to provide users with mature and stable industry solutions. In the future, Pu Ren will continue to strengthen research and development and innovation, closely follow the market expansion needs, has always been committed to the development of high-tech content of fine equipment to maximize meet the needs of users.

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