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Qingdao analysis and testing society will be held successful

The annual Qingdao Qingdao Analytical Testing Society will be held on January 10, 2013 at the China Ocean University Yifu Science and Technology Museum grand opening, from Qingdao universities, research institutes, government laboratories, enterprises and other industries analysis and testing workers Together. Qingdao Puren as the Institute of Analytical Test Institute to carry PIC series of ion chromatograph and PAS series of autosampler participants, Pu Ren's high-tech equipment has been a lot of participants sympathy and support, some members of the scene on behalf of the request to try my company Ion chromatography products.
         General Manager Hou Qianhui Hou Qianhui general manager to do live speech, summed up the company in 2012 to obtain the technological progress and scientific and technological achievements, put forward the future development of the enterprise planning, Pu Ren equipment for the participants to prepare high-grade tea, hope that the occasion of the Lunar New Year approaching, For the members and users to bring the warm blessing of the people.


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