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Pu Ren was rated as high-tech enterprises

Qingdao Pu Ren equipment through the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation formed a national high-tech enterprises that the management of the leading group identified as high-tech enterprises. High-tech enterprises refer to enterprises that carry out research and development and technological achievements into the core of independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carry out business activities on the basis of "high-tech fields with national key support".
    Qingdao Puren has 52 employees, including: 42 undergraduate or above, accounting for 80% of the total number of employees; engaged in scientific and technological research and development activities of 30 people, accounting for 57% of the total number of employees. The company's main technical staff with more than 25 years of experience in ion chromatography research and development, with rich experience in the development and project transformation.
    The company set up a product research and development centers, with professional technical staff and development team, innovation, through research and development practice, the orderly development. Since its inception, the company's scientific and technological achievements into a strong, products to achieve a better economic and social benefits, at present, the company has received 12 national patents.
    Each company's product development are from the market demand, project, technical research and a series of strict management procedures completed. At the same time, the R & D center has formulated a comprehensive R & D system, including the "R & D project approval system", "R & D investment accounting management approach", "production and research cooperation system" and other provisions of the system to ensure the effective management of R & D funds and control. In order to maximize the technological advantages and advantages of resources, the company and Qingdao more well-known colleges and universities to establish long-term production and research cooperation. Production and research cooperation in the smooth implementation of the company to improve the competitiveness of the industry, the company's product market share steadily improved.

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