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Qingdao Pu Ren participants CFAS2013

By the China Instrument and Instrument Institute Analytical Instruments Branch and the China Instrument and Instrument Institute of Inspection and Quarantine Equipment Application Technology Branch jointly organized the "Second China Food and Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Detection Technology International Forum and Exhibition (referred to as CFAS2013)" in June 2013 3 Day to date at the National Convention Center. CFAS2013 around the "to build China's food safety and security system to further promote the food, agricultural products, a wide range of new technologies for testing, improve the quality of food and agricultural product development system," the theme of academic exchanges and display.
    Qingdao Pu Ren carrying PIC-20 type ion chromatograph, PIC-10A dual system ion chromatograph and PAS autosampler debut CFAS2013. Quality leading equipment access to expert users praise, attracted a lot of participants on behalf of the stop consultation.
    This exhibition, Qingdao Puren special report "inhibition of conductivity detection of nitrite and nitrate in milk powder" attracted great interest in the guests, the food nitrite and nitrate is an important food safety testing, Nitrate harm to the human body is to reduce the blood oxygen capacity, can produce in the human body with a strong carcinogenic nitrosamines. And nitrate in the human body can be converted into nitrite, the performance of nitrite toxicity. China's health sector in many areas of vegetables, fruits, nitrite and nitrate made a limited standard, but milk powder is rarely involved. Milk powder is the main source of nutrition and energy for infants and young children. It is necessary to test nitrite and nitrate in milk powder. This report presents a method for the determination of nitrites and nitrates in milk powder using ion chromatographs. The use of high-capacity anion exchange column, Na2CO3 / NaHCO3 eluent, NO2-, NO3 retention time shorter than the national standard method. Three kinds of detection methods were used to compare the two detection methods.
    In recent years, with the country's emphasis on food safety increased year by year, the company increased the intensity of innovation and research at the same time, continue to expand the field of ion chromatography detection, research new sample development methods. Food safety testing users increased year by year, in 2012, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry identified as "national food enterprises quality and safety testing technology demonstration center to build units."
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