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Pu Ren to participate in the development of spectral equipme

In order to summarize the difficulty of research and development of spectrometer, discuss and share the corresponding solutions, and effectively promote the improvement of the quality of Chinese spectrometer and the development of the spectrum instrument industry. The instrumentation of China Instrument and Instrument Society has made it difficult to develop the spectrum instrument and the solution. As a member of the unit was invited to attend.
     Through this meeting, we understand the development and difficulty of spectrum manufacturers, such as standards, procurement, communication, management issues. The meeting put forward a series of solutions, such as the establishment of a more smooth communication platform to solve the problem of information asymmetry, the organization focused on increasing the purchasing power of the upstream and so on. Enterprises and experts to strengthen cooperation, expert technology through the industrialization of enterprises, enterprises with experts to accelerate technological innovation, in order to jointly promote the development of domestic equipment.

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