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Qingdao Puren Tenth Ion Chromatography Seminar was successfu

Qingdao Puxin Instrument Co., Ltd. The 10th Ion Chromatography Seminar was successfully held in Qingdao Wolong Shanshui Hotel from September 8th to 12th, 2013. The meeting we have the honor to invite the leadership of the Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau to attend, training and arrangement of the ion chromatography industry, the authority of the experts, representatives of the user and the company's engineers to explain the application of the instrument and the use of skills, etc., in the middle we arranged a prize , Instrument demonstration and other aspects of the participants to actively participate in, and earnestly learned something.
Leader and expert of the meeting: Leader of Qingdao Licheng Science and Technology Bureau; Director of China Analytical Instrument Society, Director of Ion Chromatography Professional Committee, Professor Zhu Yan of Zhejiang University; Mr. Tan Pi Gong, Chief Engineer of Qingdao Environmental Monitoring Station, Dr. He Ji, Professor of Qingdao University.
Professor Zhu Yan explained: the basic principles of ion chromatography and instrument introduction; Dr. Cui He explained: the application of ion chromatography.
Qingdao University, Professor Yu Ji Jin Qingdao University to explain: ion chromatography calibration curve and its general performance expansion.
User interaction, Jilin Environmental Monitoring Station Engineer Zhu Linlin explained their own use of Pu Ren ion chromatography experience, Great Wall Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd. engineer Zheng Xinwei explained the filtrate analysis technology in the logging research and application.
Sun Ren engineers explain: ion chromatography workstation anti-control software use; Liu will explain the engineers: ion chromatography analysis of the results of quality assurance; Yue Jingwei engineers to explain: the use of ion chromatography, Ion chromatography sample pretreatment method; Wang Cunjin engineers explain: dialysis liquid PIC-10 type ion chromatograph analysis; Xu Tong super engineers explain: Prena PAS-Ⅱ type autosampler use and maintenance.
In the middle of the course we arranged for the prize contest activities, each teacher finished class questions 2-3 questions, answer the correct users can get Pui Ren company carefully prepared 10,000 mAh mobile power and Laoshan green tea, the user actively involved.
The meeting we arranged the instrument operation demonstration, the user site to use the problems encountered and difficult, Puren engineers carefully answer.
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