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Pine will attend the exhibition (CIOAE) The Sixth China Onli

By the China Instrument and Instrument Society Analytical Instruments Branch, China Instrument Industry Association Analytical Instruments Branch and the China Instrument and Instrument Society Environmental and Safety Testing Equipment Branch jointly organized the "Sixth China Online Analytical Instruments Application and Development International Forum and Exhibition" will be November 6 to 8, held in Beijing International Convention Center.
At present, China's oil, chemical industry, environmental protection, mining, medicine, metallurgy, electric power, steel, food and other industries and enterprises are vigorously promoting advanced control and optimization control, energy saving, tapping the potential synergies; at the same time greatly simplify the manual analysis of the workload, The use of on-line analysis to reduce costs and improve quality; In addition, China is the large-scale development of environmental protection and security undertakings, all of which all indicates that the demand for online analytical instruments and the growing importance is expected by 2015 online analytical instruments The size of the market will be more than 30 billion yuan.
Qingdao Pu Ren as the only one R & D and production of online ion chromatography manufacturers, will bring PIC-online type ion chromatograph wonderful debut.
    PIC-online online ion chromatograph access to national SME Innovation Fund project support, can be widely used in environmental continuous testing, continuous testing of production processes and other fields. The instrument has the following performance characteristics:
    Three-channel simultaneous detection
    Continuous operation for 10 days without maintenance
    Powerful data processing capacity
    Data double backup, more stable and reliable
    Using cloud storage technology to achieve data to download anytime, anywhere browsing
Time: November 6 to 8, 2013
Location: Beijing International Convention Center
Booth number: 339
Contact: Miss Liu
Contact: 0532-87622298
Pu Ren warmly look forward to your visit to visit the booth guide!

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