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Prenergy with online ion chromatography brilliant debut 2013

The 15th Beijing Analytical Testing Symposium and Exhibition will be held at the Beijing Exhibition Hall from October 23 to 26, 2013. Qingdao Puxin equipment as an ion chromatography manufacturing base, with the latest research and development of the PIC series of products invited to attend.
     This exhibition is the latest development of PIC-online ion chromatograph debut, as the first domestic online ion chromatography, three simultaneous detection, continuous operation for 10 days without maintenance, the successful implementation of import substitution. The latest PIC-20 Ion Chromatograph provides high sensitivity (low detection limit of 0.09ppb), independent operation, no external computer, with a strong data post-processing capacity. Pu Ren ion chromatography with its leading technical advantages and preferential prices, attracted many domestic and foreign customers, agents and peers on behalf of the stop to visit, negotiate advice.
     Exhibition clip:


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