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Prenergy with online ion chromatograph debut CIOAE 2013

The 6th China Online Analytical Instruments Application and Development International Forum and Exhibition was successfully held at the Beijing International Convention Center from November 6th to 8th, 2013. The conference focused on the topics of high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, safety and environmental protection. communicate with. Qingdao Pu Ren as the only one R & D and production of online ion chromatography manufacturers, with PIC-online online ion chromatography wonderful debut.
    PIC-onlin online ion chromatography can be widely used in continuous environmental testing, continuous testing of production processes and other fields. To achieve a simultaneous detection of three channels can be detected at the same time, cations and heavy metals, the fastest in 30 minutes to complete a test, up to 48 consecutive tests per day, continuous operation for 10 days without maintenance. The instrument can automatically complete the linear correction and automatic analysis of the sample, the instrument can also automatically back up the spectrum data to the Internet cloud, providing continuous real-time detection data, for grasping the environmental conditions, early warning of various types of pollution events is of great significance.
As the first commercial online ion chromatograph, attracting a lot of users, experts, peers and media attention, instrument information network editor came to my company booth, the scene interviewed general manager Ms. Hou Qianhui. Hou Jingli introduced in detail the application of the product, research and development process and product implementation plan.
National Environmental Protection Department academician experts come to the booth:

The instrument information network interview Houjing Li: http: //www.instrument.com.cn/news/20131111/116917.shtml

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