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Pu Ren Exhibition China West (Chengdu) International Scienti

March 5-7, 2014, the ninth China West (Chengdu) International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition in Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 6 held a grand.
Qingdao Prue as the domestic ion chromatography production base, carrying PIC-20 ion chromatography, PIC-10A dual-system ion chromatography and PAS autosampler debut CSIE 2014, compared to the domestic industry with the following technical advantages:
(1) the first ion chromatography amperometric detector, and in 2002 made the manufacture of measuring instruments permit for bromine, iodine, sulfur, cyanide and other anions, lead, copper, zinc, cadmium and other cationic and organic matter detection.
(2) the first built-in pool filled with a constant temperature system, accurate temperature control. And in 2004 through the quality certification, to obtain evaluation reports and production licenses.
(3) the first to introduce dual-system ion chromatography, in 2007 to obtain a dual system test certificate, effectively overcome the integration of the structure of mutual interference problems, to achieve simultaneous detection of yin and cation, can also be used for gradient detection.
(4) the domestic exclusive with built-in workstation, display the preservation of the spectrum data, continuous automatic processing of data, with the autosampler, with data batch function.
(5) Puren first ion chromatography autosampler domestic brand, made the invention patent, to achieve rapid analysis of automatic injection.
(6) the domestic exclusive research and development of online ion chromatography, access to scientific and technological projects, and in 2013 successfully developed small batch production.
(7) instrument sensitivity, low noise, stable performance.
High-quality leading equipment attracted a lot of participants on behalf of the stop, to discuss cooperation and technical exchanges.
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