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Online ion chromatograph by the 2013 scientific instrument i

The 8th Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments 2014 (ACCSI 2014) was held in Beijing on April 18, 2014, at the annual awards ceremony, PIC-online online ion chromatography Instrument selected "2013 scientific instruments industry outstanding new products."

Prenergy domestic research and development of an exclusive online ion chromatography, access to national science and technology innovation fund project, for the creation of domestic brands to replace imported products is of great significance, successfully developed in 2013. It is widely used in continuous detection of anions and cations and heavy metals in drinking water after drinking water, groundwater, surface water, acid rain, atmosphere and electroplating industrial wastewater treatment. It is widely used in nuclear power generation and thermal power generation, semiconductor industry, high purity water plant, tap water Plant, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, petrochemical, oil drilling and other industries in the production process of quality control testing.
PIC-online online ion chromatograph has the following performance characteristics:

1, three simultaneous detection
    Can detect anions, cations and heavy metals at the same time. The fastest in 30 minutes to complete a test. Up to 48 consecutive tests per day.
2, continuous operation for 10 days without maintenance
    Instrument using embedded system design, to achieve a complex spectral identification, data processing, report generation and other functions, stable and reliable operation. The sample solution required for continuous operation of the instrument can be changed every 10 days.
3, a strong ability to automatically deal with data
    Can automatically complete the linear calibration and sample automatic analysis, can identify components, and according to the calibration curve automatically calculate the component content.
4, double data backup, more stable and reliable
    The machine provides mass storage, can save at least one year of spectral data. And further with the cloud storage technology, can automatically back up the data to the Internet, to achieve unlimited stability and reliable data backup and storage.
5, the use of cloud storage technology, data to download anytime, anywhere browsing
    As long as the instrument to provide an Internet line, the instrument can automatically backup spectrum data to the Internet cloud disk. At home, the office can view the work status of the device at any time, download a variety of report data.

Pu Ren equipment has always been committed to innovation and development, analysis and testing equipment to provide sophisticated, to provide mature and stable industry solutions. Pu Ren will, as always, with innovation and service feedback every user.

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