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Qingdao Pu Ren exhibition of the third China Food and Agricu

         May 7th - 8th, 2008 The 3rd China International Forum on Quality and Safety Testing of Food and Agricultural Products was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. Qingdao Pu Ren Instrument Co., Ltd. as the famous domestic ion chromatography production unit invited to participate in this exhibition, the main display PIC dual system automatic ion chromatography, PIC-20 ion chromatography and PAS autosampler.
     Pu Ren equipment has been concerned about the development of food and agricultural product quality and safety testing technology, and constantly enhance the intensity of technology research and development, to test samples for qualitative and quantitative analysis, to provide a variety of testing programs to meet the company's technology research and development and regulatory inspection.
     Pu Ren PIC series of ion chromatography to obtain a lot of experts and scholars on the scene, the relevant leadership, business personnel and testing agencies related personnel affirmed, instrument information network, instrument and other well-known media on the product and development of the product and made a related report.


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