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China's first online ion chromatograph successfully availabl

With the increasing global environmental pollution, water quality (drinking water, water discharge) and strict testing of food gradually placed in an important position. A new, continuous automatic detection of water in the yin, cations, heavy metal ions of the analytical instrument was born, this is the Qingdao Puxin Instrument Co., Ltd. through unremitting efforts, which lasted three years of research and development of the first domestic online ion chromatography - -PIC-online online ion chromatograph, which filled the domestic no current online ion chromatograph blank, the development of online testing industry is of great significance.
      Qingdao Pu Ren Instrument Co., Ltd. developed by the online ion chromatograph of the technical indicators have been through the national test and obtain manufacturing license (CMC), can be mass production listing. Evaluation by the national science and technology experts, the product has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, is the only one can produce online ion chromatography manufacturers. At the same time the product also won the instrument information network "scientific instrument industry outstanding new product" award.
      The PIC-online online ion chromatograph developed by Qingdao Puren Instrument Co., Ltd. can be widely used in the field of continuous environmental testing and continuous testing of the production process. The product is subjected to on-line detection of ion chromatography for on-line detection of ion chromatography Methods and detection process, automatic processing of chromatographic data, product testing capabilities and detection accuracy and other aspects of research, technology is integrated innovation, its technological innovation is mainly reflected in: 1. The on - line detection process of ion chromatography was designed, and the embedded system was used to realize three - channel parallel automatic detection. 2, using the on-line detection process and data automatic processing technology of the conductivity method, can simultaneously detect the anions F-, Cl-, NO2-, PO43-, Br-, NO3-, SO42- and cation Li +, Na +, NH4 +, K + Ca2 +, Mg2 +. In this paper, the method of flow voltammetry is proposed, which realizes the on-line detection of heavy metal ions Cu2 +, Zn2 +, Pb2 + and Cd2 +.
      Products can be widely used in environmental protection and production process quality control, breaking the foreign manufacturers in China's monopoly for the country to save a lot of foreign exchange and capital in the nuclear industry and other important industrial chain, to ensure the safety of important industry information.
      In 2014, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection organized expert review, from more than 1,200 projects selected 107 major equipment. Qingdao Pudong Instrument Co., Ltd. declared "PM2.5 in the cationic and heavy metal online three-channel analyzer" and "based on the ion chromatography on-line automatic analyzer automatic water," two projects have been selected "the state to encourage the development of major environmental technology Equipment catalog (2014 edition) ", and become the two projects rely on the unit.
      April 23, 2015 Qingdao Puxin Instrument Co., Ltd. will bring its research and development of online ion chromatograph debut Beijing National Convention Center (Tianchen East Road 7) organized by the 13th China International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition, Will welcome new and old customers and experts come to visit the booth consultation, booth number A2007.

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