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Pu Ren selected "the state to encourage the development

"The country encourages the development of major environmental technology and equipment catalog (2014 version)" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in conjunction with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly published. A total of more than 570 enterprises across the industry to collect 1,200 technical equipment, on this basis, extensive solicitation of relevant departments and industry associations, experts, business views, after two rounds of review and publicity, and ultimately the 2014 edition of "directory" The "Catalog" includes 107 technical equipment, including 22 categories of development, 31 applications, promotion category 54; covering air pollution control, water pollution control, solid waste treatment, noise and vibration control, comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental monitoring Instrumentation, environmental pollution prevention and control of special materials and pharmaceuticals, environmental pollution emergency treatment eight areas
I developed the "ion chromatography based on the water quality automatic analyzer" and "PM2.5 in the cationic and heavy metal online three-channel analyzer" selected "directory" environmental monitoring instrumentation, accounting for 107 technical equipment Of the two. At the same time, our company has become the two environmental protection technology and equipment by the unit.

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