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Shipborne atmospheric aerosol on-line analyzer equipped with

November 7, 2015, by the 277 members of the 32nd China Antarctic scientific expedition by "Snow Dragon" icebreaker from Shanghai, went to the Antarctic expedition task. The total range of 30,000 sea miles, is expected to last 159 days.
    In this expedition, for the first time carried by the Qingdao Puxin Instrument Co., Ltd. developed the first domestic AOMZ-3000-type atmospheric aerosol on-line quantitative quantitative analyzer. This instrument combines the PIC-online on-line ion chromatograph with the PAGM atmospheric aerosol in-line analyzer for uninterrupted detection of inorganic and anions in the atmosphere under various climatic conditions.
The advantages of this instrument is: 1, the automatic collection of atmospheric samples, automatic filtering, automatic dilution; 2, eluent automatically generated, the whole need no longer re-preparation; 3, the work of the curve of their own preparation, self-calibration, 5, due to the whole process of automation, so to avoid the artificial analysis of the error, high data accuracy; 6, anion and cation detection; 7, the perfect automatic (Figure), the detection of a sample only 15 minutes, 96 times the day analysis, Protection device, when the pump pressure is abnormal, the program will automatically shut down and issue a warning signal; 8, the program can be downloaded to the phone, at any time to view the analysis data.
The Antarctic expedition, Qingdao Pu Ren Instrument Co., Ltd. sent technical engineers in late October boarded the snow dragon number, according to the structure within the cabin, the instrument was a special transformation and reinforcement, the instrument is completed, two weeks Of the full range of testing, the performance indicators in full compliance with the design and use requirements. Pu Ren shipborne atmospheric aerosol on-line quantitative analysis of the superior performance and technical service team, the experts have been unanimously praised.
The depth of cooperation between the Pui Ren and the State Oceanic Administration and the China Polar Research Center in the Antarctic expedition has fully demonstrated the ability and advantages of our company in the research and development of high-end on-line ion chromatograph and aerosol online analyzer.
The successful development and application of the on-line aerosol on-line quantitative analysis of airborne aerosol is further enhanced the overall technical level and core competitiveness of the online analytical instruments in China. It is of great significance to promote the development of online analytical instruments to independent innovation and gradually break the monopoly of import Unfavorable situation to meet China's growing demand for testing the market to protect data security, has important practical significance.

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