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Qingdao Institute of Analytical Testing

Qingdao Institute of Analysis and Testing Society in 2015 will be held on January 12, 2016 in Qingdao University International Academic Exchange Center was successfully held. Qingdao Institute of Analysis and Testing was established in 1986, by the Qingdao City and the Central Institute in Qingdao, universities, import and export commodity inspection and quarantine bureau, quality inspection departments and other system testing center and large enterprises. Qingdao Puren as a member of the unit with PIC ion chromatograph and autosampler participants, and for academic exchanges. In order to thank the Institute has been concerned about the general and support, we provide five intelligent air purifier and twenty U disk as a reward feedback Institute colleagues.
    Looking back in the past, we are grateful to every friend to help, look to the future, we will work together, pioneering and innovative, build a new ion chromatography brilliant.

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