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Twelfth Ion Chromatography Training Course

respected user:
Qingdao Puxin Instrument Co., Ltd. The 12th Ion Chromatography Seminar was drafted at the Wolong Landscape Hotel in Qingdao from June 27 to July 1, 2016.
Will be invited to the domestic ion chromatography industry famous experts to attend and academic lectures by the user representatives and Qingdao Puren engineers on the application examples, routine maintenance, troubleshooting, sample processing and assessment techniques to explain, sincerely welcome the old and new Users to the meeting and do academic exchanges.
At this session, we organize the selection of papers, welcome the participants and users to actively contribute, the academic experts review, from which high-quality, high-level papers, will be rated as first-class, second-class, excellent papers, The honorary certificates and prizes presented by the seminar. At the same time, we also welcome the majority of users can use their own experience and experience in the use of equipment written in the article, all papers and article writers can get souvenirs, and excellent arrangements for technical exchanges in the seminar report. Papers and articles please in June 20, 2016 before the unified sent to pr1@qdpr.com.
Relevant matters:
1. Registration time: June 27, 2016
2. Registration Location: Qingdao Wolong Landscape Hotel, No. 233, Hong Kong East Road, Qingdao City
June 27 all day reception (please arrive at the train, flight time in advance to inform us in order to pick up).
Please fill in the receipt form clearly. (If you want to book a ticket to the receipt form)
3. Training fees, conference fees, data fee free of charge, accommodation themselves (pre-paid accommodation costs 2200 yuan / person).
4. Return time: July 1
Sponsor: Qingdao Pu Ren Instrument Co., Ltd.
Contact: Liu Yongyan
Tel: 0532-87622298 Fax: 0532-87622298

Qingdao Pu Ren Instrument Co., Ltd.
May 20, 2016
Please fill in the receipt form after the full seal, in the June 20 back to us, fax number 0532-87622298, so that my company arrangements for work. Thank you!
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On June 27
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Qingdao Railway Station
Qingdao North Railway Station
Liuting Airport
Quartet bus station
Note: If you need to book a train ticket, return ticket booking column must be filled (train ticket booking fee is actually settled), so that my company arrangements.
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