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Pu Ren new products shine analyticaChina2016

October 10, 10-16, the 8th Munich Shanghai Biochemical Exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center kicked off. Pui-10 intelligent ion chromatograph, and PAS-Ⅲ XY-axis autosampler heavy attack, dressed debut exhibition site.
    The biggest highlight of this exhibition is the latest development of the latest PIC-60 portable ion chromatograph, this instrument is the first dual-system portable ion chromatograph at home and abroad, and the lightest weight, the smallest, to achieve simultaneous detection of yin and cations , Rapid analysis, in the public security, oil, environmental and other emergency detection field has a broad market space. New products PIC-80 intelligent ion chromatography and PAS-Ⅲ XY-axis autosampler is also the first appearance, this product can be automatically injected, automatic sample pretreatment, without manual duty, while the analysis of detection of anions and cations.
     PIC-60 Portable Ion Chromatograph Lightweight Design With the rapid analysis of cation and cation, PIC-80 ion chromatograph intelligent process design with a strong self-processing function to attract numerous domestic and foreign agents, distributors and end users Stop the consultation, the atmosphere is hot!
    Pu Ren equipment since its inception in 2002, will always be "innovation, quality, integrity, service" as a business unswerving development purposes. Relying on leading technology innovation capability, strict quality control standards and efficient after-sales service team, a full range of professional and technical service system, won the praise of expert users, laid the Puren in the field of analysis and testing industry base.
    Pu Ren will unswervingly carry out technological innovation, with high quality products and services to return every user.


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