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HiAS: PAS autosampler selected for the second "domestic

As one of the main activities of the "Made in China Scientific Instruments", the second "China-made" instrument was organized by the China Instrument Industry Association and the instrument information network. Since its launch in April 2016, it has been supported by the scientific equipment industry And instrument users of the high degree of concern. 104 enterprises to declare 186 instruments to participate in the second "domestic good equipment"; of which 102 enterprises of 176 sets of equipment was first passed. According to the 176 equipment and equipment users vote, as well as the equipment and equipment users directory real rate, 92 sets of equipment shortlisted "second domestic good equipment."


In the spirit of "the user is good is really good" principle, for the finalists of 93 instruments in the user groups in the use of research to "easy to use enough" as the core, a wide range of user comments, Relevant user research base to meet the requirements of the case, the weight score. At the same time, the guidance unit, the organizer, the supporting units and the co-organizers of the participating units, randomly selected 52 finalists and equipment, organized the work of "the whole process of instrument production research". At the same time, the delegation went deep into the domestic scientific instruments Equipment, the actual use of units, on-site collection, research into the final use of the instrument. According to the collected online and offline research results, the weight of the PAS autosampler was selected as the second "domestic good instrument" equipment under the condition that the research base reached the requirements.

PAS series autosampler with electric injection valve full tube injection method, injection accuracy of 0.01%. Can be directly trace sample injection and rapid analysis, can effectively solve the sample residue, injection rate and sample reproducibility and other issues. With patented autosampler patent, needle clamp, needle lift, needle frame telescopic, syringe bracket, base turntable device and other utility model patents, design patents and software copyright.
Actual collection of standard samples: not less than 100
Vial volume: ≥ 10ml, the number of 100 only
Injection volume tube volume: 0.1uL-1000uL (full tube injection method)
Injection volume (sample volume) Reproducibility: 0.01% RSD (injection volume 5uL-1000uL)
Cross-contamination: CV <0.001%
This is the second in 2010 PIC-10A-type ion chromatograph selected the first "good domestic equipment" since the product was re-selected "good domestic equipment." This once again shows that the technology and service strength of the product and the brand influence in the customer base.

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