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Participation in the 9th China Online Analytical Instruments

By the China Instrument Society Analytical Instruments Branch and the China Instrument Industry Association Analytical Instruments Branch jointly organized the "Ninth China Online Analytical Instruments Application and Development International Forum and Exhibition" in November 20-21, 2016 in the National Convention Center Held. The conference inherited the first eight professional characteristics and academic style, around the "efficient, high quality, low consumption, safety, environmental protection" theme to carry out academic exchanges and display activities.
     Qingdao Puxin equipment as the first domestic online ion chromatography manufacturer, carrying PIC-online online ion chromatograph dress debut. Pu Ren PIC-online online ion chromatograph in 2014 made manufacturing measurement equipment permits, and access to "scientific equipment industry outstanding new products" award. In 2015, equipped with "Snow Dragon" to participate in China's 32nd Antarctic scientific investigation, the scene obtained MSA, sulfate data and the South Ocean waters data comparable to the same concentration. Pu Ren PIC-online online ion chromatograph led to numerous expert user's stop consultation.

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