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Domestic scientific equipment takeoff action typical users v

As one of the main activities of "China-made equipment take-off action", the second "China-made" instrument was organized by the China Instrument Industry Association, and the instrument information network was recently closed. In the spirit of "the user is good is really good" principle, through large-scale user opinion collection and various forms of research, inspection, a total of 59 instruments were eventually selected "domestic good equipment."
Recently, Qingdao Puren PAS ion chromatography autosampler typical users - Qingdao Laoshan District drinking water quality testing center laboratory Yang Xinfang to the instrument information network editor feedback on the use of the instrument experience and experience and the expectations of the development of domestic scientific instruments The
In the drinking water quality testing, ion chromatography is to detect water chloride, oxide, sulfate ion, nitrate ion and other items of the main detection methods. The method of customer service chemical analysis method cumbersome operation steps, high technical requirements, long detection time and other issues, significantly reduce the operating costs of personnel, and improve the detection capabilities.
PAS ion chromatography autosampler is a full injection method with electric injection valve, can directly trace the sample and rapid analysis of the instrument, the injection accuracy of 0.01%, can effectively solve the sample residue, injection Speed and sample reproducibility. The instrument has a patented autosampler patent, needle clamp, needle lift, needle frame telescopic, syringe bracket, base turntable device, and so on with a number of new patents, design patents and software copyright, is the first Ion chromatography autosampler, mainly used for water, food, feed and other samples of hexavalent chromium, small nitrate, ammonium ion plasma determination.
"When the original purchase of ion chromatograph, we visited the Qingdao City, the use of ion chromatography related units and found that basically use are Qingdao Puren ion chromatography, the corresponding technical indicators and after-sales service are more reliable, So we bought the brand. "Yang Xinfang said. In the selection process, Yang Xinfang said that the procurement of equipment when the first inspection of the water quality of the property. Qingdao Laoshan District, better water quality, ion concentration is relatively low, the sensitivity of the instrument made a high demand. After comprehensive comparison of multiple brand instruments, the PIC-10 type ion chromatograph and the PAS ion chromatograph autosampler were selected. And in the subsequent use of the process also verified the instrument's high sensitivity, good repeatability, automatic sampling when the noise is very small features, and this instrument to achieve a 100 samples of high-volume injection, greatly saving Manpower and time to meet the requirements of the use.

PIC-10 type ion chromatograph and PAS ion chromatography autosampler

Talking about Qingdao Pu Ren's after-sales service, Yang Xinfang first affirmed the quality of the instrument: "Although this instrument has been used for 10 years, but the failure rate is very low. Usually engineers are mainly replacement parts, usually very few conditions happen. "In addition, Yang Xinfang Qingdao Puren every 3 months of telephone return and regular training services are very satisfied.
Scientific instruments as an important tool for analysis and testing, and each user has their own different requirements. Yang Xinfang made a number of improvements to this instrument: "The internal structure of the instrument design space, the replacement of supplies to the operator put forward a very high demand, the need for enterprises to send skilled operation of the engineers come to the work progress have a certain impact. Hope that Qingdao Puren in the instrument interior design more humane.
Turning to the development of domestic scientific instruments, Yang Xinfang that, after years of development, domestic scientific instruments have made great achievements, but in some details to be improved, such as more trendy design, the use of materials more light and environmentally friendly, software operation More easy to understand and strengthen the user targeted training and so on.
Introduction of Domestic Scientific Instruments
"China's scientific instruments take off action" by the China Instrument Industry Association as a guide, instrument information network host, I would like to test network co-organized, China Instrument Society, Beijing Science and Technology Equipment and Equipment Service Center, the National Laboratory Equipment and Equipment Standardization Technical Committee units stand by. Takeoff action aimed at reversing the user's prejudice against domestic scientific instruments, screening and support a number of outstanding scientific instruments and products, enterprises to solve the problem of domestic scientific instruments difficult to buy; organized excellent domestic scientific instruments products for large-scale domestic External users to promote and expand overseas, in the user, establish a good brand of scientific instruments corporate image; and government procurement units and high-end laboratories to carry out multi-party cooperation to promote domestic scientific instruments and user units in-depth cooperation, to the government offer advice and so on, so Help domestic manufacturers to find and solve the problem, to enhance market share.
The second domestic good instrument project introduction
The second domestic good instrument project as the core sub-project of the take-off action, adhere to the "voluntary" and "free" way, to collect enterprises to participate in domestic good equipment screening process; and add "user recommended" new channels, the most widely collected Potential excellent domestic sample pretreatment equipment representative. Domestic good equipment adhere to the "users say that is really good" for the purpose of collecting a large number of users for each instrument after a long period of time after the real experience, the user from the five dimensions of "demand satisfaction, quality satisfaction, Degree, the instrument cost-effective, after-sales service satisfaction, "the use of its instruments for comprehensive evaluation, so as to screen out the excellent domestic sample pretreatment equipment representative.

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