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Pu Ren to participate in the Qingdao Institute of Analysis a

Qingdao City Analysis and Testing Society 2016 annual meeting and the 30th anniversary celebration was held on January 10, 2017 at the International Academic Exchange Center (No. 308, Ningxia Road), Qingdao University. The meeting was held in 2016 and 2017, Advanced collective, advanced personal recognition, excellent paper recognition and technical exchanges. As the domestic ion chromatography leader, Pu Ren equipment with the latest products and solutions invited to attend.

Pu Ren this conference on display three new products, including PIC-60 portable ion chromatograph, ultra-lightweight portable design, instantaneous analysis of cationic and cationic. PIC-80 type ion chromatograph, dual system design, automatic fitting dilution. PAS-3 autosampler, XYZ three-axis linkage design, up to 120 bits. The introduction of new products, attracted a lot of members of the crowd onlookers exchange.

In the morning, three sessions of new technology applications (spectrum, chromatography and synthesis) were arranged. Qingdao Pu Ren Wang Cunjin engineers do "ion chromatography (voltammetry) determination of solid waste cyanide and sulfur ions" academic report, for everyone to explain in detail the use of ion chromatography in solid waste detection applications, field-related experts And learn the members to listen carefully to the report and do a technical exchange, have proposed a very good program is very practical, and will ask Wang Cunjin engineers to PPT courseware, in order to return to the unit to share the other did not participate in the meeting of the laboratory analyst The

In the afternoon of the annual meeting site, Pu Ren company won the "analytical test societies friendly partner" award, general manager Ms. Hou Qianhui won the "advanced individual" honorary title. Pui Ren Marketing Manager Liu Yongyan spoke at the meeting, she pointed out that since the establishment of Pu Ren since 2002, always "innovation, quality, integrity, service" as a business unswerving development purposes. 15 years of ups and downs, 15 years of Chunhua Qiushi, cast Puren today's fruitful. Pu Ren currently has more than 30 patented technology, laboratory ion chromatography, on-line ion chromatography, portable ion chromatography three series of products listed across the board; 2016 Puren sales steadily rising high, only the Qinghai Province agricultural projects a successful bid 40 Automatic ion chromatograph. To expand the scale of production and improve production efficiency, Pu Ren invested tens of millions in the high-tech zones to purchase new plant 2000 plane, is expected to officially put into operation by the end of 2017. The meeting site Puren to provide four Philips air purifier as a member of the reward feedback Association has been the full support of the Puren.


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