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Voltammetric detector (exclusive)

The flow path or flow injection proof modethe selection of suitable working electrode, can complete the measurementof the above four methodsApplicable to cations and organic anions such as bromineiodinesulfurcyanide, lead,copperzinc, cadmium detectionmeasurement equipment manufacturing license in 2002leading othermanufacturers for decades.
    Detection range: 1μg/L-1mg/L
    Detection limit: Br-1.5 μg / Lthe I-5 μg / LS2-5 μg / LCN-30 μg / LCu2 +0.5 μg / LZn2 +1 μg / LPb2 + : 0.2μg / L, Cd2 +: 0.1μg / L.
    There are four detection methodsthe DC amps pulsed amperometric integral ampsdifferential pulse voltammetry.

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