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PIC-80 Dual System Ion Chromatograph


Product details

1, integrated design, 7-inch bright LCD touch screen.
2, dual system, which can detect anions and cations at the same time.
3, with automatic dilution, matching function.
4, with the autosampler with the data can be achieved batch processing, automatic generation of word or excel format reports for users to browse print.
5, to support more types of detectors
1, fully equipped with dilution function
◆ built-in automatic sampler, standard automatic configuration can be achieved. With the built-in chromatographic workstation software, the calibration curve is automatically created and used for analysis of unknown samples.
◆ Built-in dilution, for high concentrations of samples, can be manually or automatically select the dilution factor for dilution.
2, modular design, a variety of features personalized custom
◆ The use of integrated design, according to user requirements Flexible configuration of the high integration of integrated models, effectively overcome the mutual interference between the components to achieve double conductivity detector, thermostat oven (temperature control cell, chromatographic separation column, suppressor ), Display panel, dual high pressure advection pump, dual flow system, automatic matching system, workstations (including real-time control and data processing), online degassing, carbon dioxide suppressors and other components integration.
3, plastic non-metallic flow path
◆ full PEEK high pressure pump head
◆ Rheodyne PEEK six-way valve, can be acid and alkali and reverse organic solvents, to avoid metal ion pollution.
◆ eluent bottle, flow pipe and joints are selected PEEK, polytetrafluoroethylene, polypropylene and other materials can be acid and alkali corrosion.
◆ can identify the high and low pressure pipeline, to facilitate customer identification, maintenance more convenient.
4, built-in pool pillars one temperature system, the whole system high precision temperature control
◆ conductivity cell, column, six-way valve, suppressor equivalent thermostat box, the system pipe connection is short, reducing the system dead volume and peak diffusion; also with eluent preheat function.
◆ high-performance heat exchange technology, high precision temperature control, heating up fast, you can eliminate the ambient temperature is low, the negative impact of negative temperature fluctuations.
5, double data backup, more stable and reliable
◆ The machine provides mass storage: 100 samples per day analysis, analysis time 30 minutes calculation, can save at least one year of massive spectrum data, with cloud storage technology, can automatically back up the data to the Internet, to achieve unlimited, stable Reliable data backup and storage.
◆ use of cloud storage technology, data download anytime, anywhere browsing, at home, office, you can always view the work of the equipment, download a variety of report data.
6, support more types of detectors
◆ Dual channel conductivity detector
◆ single-channel voltammetry detector
According to customer needs, can be combined with any combination.
7, Dimensions: 420x365x495 (wide * deep * high)


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