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PIC-60 Portable Ion Chromatograph


Product details

PIC-60 ion chromatograph is the world's smallest, the only dual-system portable ion chromatography, and has the lightest weight, smallest size, water and electricity separation, rapid detection and so on. Can be widely used in petroleum, environmental, marine, public security and other emergency detection system.
Has the following technical advantages:
1, double system cationic and cation detection at the same time
Dual high pressure infusion pump, double injection valve, dual system workstations running at the same time, the unique signal processing methods to effectively overcome the two-way interference, to achieve on-site sample cation and cation at the same time rapid detection.
2, ultra-lightweight portable design
Small size, light weight, easy to carry, laboratory, outdoor, on-site and flexible use.
3, water and electricity separation, safe and reliable
Innovative bags of eluent storage methods, easy to use, large capacity, eluent bag placement and circuit part of the complete isolation, safe and reliable.
4, battery battery life
Built-in large capacity ultra-thin lithium battery, a charge can meet more than 10 hours of continuous work.
5, a strong data processing capabilities
Mass data storage, wireless Wifi access, data download convenient.
6, superior human-computer interaction
Configuration Android / Win8 client, real-time data transmission, anytime, anywhere view browsing, with a flat or laptop.

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