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On - line ion chromatograph


Product details

PIC-online online ion chromatograph was supported by National Innovation Fund (project number: 11C26213712420). It was the first successful in-line ion chromatograph in China to pass the acceptance and manufacture of measurement instrument in 2014. Can be widely used in continuous environmental testing, continuous testing and other areas of production processes.
1, three simultaneous detection
Can detect anions, cations and heavy metals at the same time. The fastest in 30 minutes to complete a test. Up to 48 consecutive tests per day. Can support dual-channel conductivity detector, single-channel voltammetry detector, dual-channel UV detector, according to user requirements with any combination.
2, continuous operation for 15 days without maintenance, do gradient detection.
Can be equipped with eluent generator (carbonate system or hydroxide system), stable and reliable operation. The sample solution (water or eluent) required for continuous operation of the instrument can be changed every 15 days for gradient detection.
3, the standard type of work:
Each sample is marked with an internal standard to ensure that the test data is accurate.
4, a strong automatic data processing capacity
Can automatically complete the linear correction and sample automatic analysis, can identify components, and according to the calibration curve automatically calculate the component content, to achieve complex spectral identification, data processing, report generation and other functions.
5, double data backup, more stable and reliable
The machine provides mass storage, can save at least one year of spectral data. And further with the cloud storage technology, can automatically back up the data to the Internet, to achieve unlimited stability and reliable data backup and storage.
6, the use of cloud storage technology, data to download anytime, anywhere browsing
As long as the instrument to provide an Internet line, the instrument can automatically backup spectrum data to the Internet cloud disk. At home, the office can view the work status of the device at any time, download a variety of report data.
7, the instrument remote monitoring
Through the computer or mobile terminal, can monitor the running state of the instrument at any time.

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