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PIC-10A (single system)


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Cd2 + ≤ 0.0001 μg / mL (injection volume 25 μL)
Note: As the technology continues to update, performance indicators will be improved, the site indicators for reference only. 1, the scope of application:
Widely used in water, environmental monitoring, health and epidemic prevention, quality inspection, petrochemical, geological exploration, pharmaceutical production inspection and other fields.
2, the instrument work environment:
Voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50HZ
Temperature: 10 ~ 30 ℃
Humidity: 25 ~ 85%
3, performance indicators:
(1) Inorganic Anion Detection Type: F-, Cl-, NO2-, PO43-, Br-, SO42-, NO3-, ClO2-, BrO3-, ClO3-
Inorganic cation detection types: Li +, Na +, NH4 +, K +, Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Sr2 +, Ba2 +
* (2) with built-in pool pillar integrated thermostat system (patent number: 200820019630.3), temperature range of 5-65 ℃.
(3) instrument operating system by the mouse a key to complete, with automatic selection range, automatically zero, set the current and other functions.
(4) instrument large screen program, with a small workstation, display the spectrum processing data, save the spectrum data.
(5) to achieve conductivity detector, injection valve, high pressure advection pump, workstations, thermostats and other components of the integration, with cation separation column can be completed on time and anion analysis, the user can choose according to their own needs.
4, conductivity detector:
(1) five-pole conductivity cell: electrode using ring passivation 316 stainless steel electrode, pool volume: <0.8ul, effectively overcome the phenomenon of electrode polarization. With low noise, high detection sensitivity characteristics. With electronic temperature and temperature compensation device, constant temperature accuracy 5-65 ℃, temperature compensation (1.7% -2.0%) / ℃
(2) Conductivity detection range: 0-35000uS, adjustable, with manual and automatic selection function.
(3) full range detection resolution: not less than 1/40000 (≤ 0.0025ns / cm)
(4) Output voltage: -6000mv ~ + 6000mv Automatic zero range: -6000mv ~ + 6000mv
(5) Suppressor constant current source current: 0-150mA, incremental 1mA, set by the user on the screen.
5, high pressure advection pump:
The machine is a microprocessor-controlled dual-piston reciprocating pump, the use of advanced intelligent control algorithm, can make the pump flow pulsation to a minimum level.
* (1) pressure test: ≥ 36MPa (JJG823-2014 "ion chromatograph measurement test procedures" shall prevail, and provide according to the procedures issued by the type of evaluation report, measuring instrument type approval certificate and measurement equipment permit)
(2) Flow range: 0.001ml / min ~ 9.999ml / min
(5) pressure sensor: pressure display accuracy of 0.1MPa
(6) Overvoltage protection: When the working pressure exceeds or falls below the set upper or lower limit, the pump will shut down and alarm.
6, the flow system:
The flow system uses PEEK material (imported parts), good versatility, can use strong acid, alkali eluent, and can be 100% compatible with organic solvents, user-friendly analysis of complex samples, washing and maintenance. The user can replace the column and eluent. To avoid the pain of the flow of the pain, so that users no worries.
7, suppressor:
Continuous automatic regenerative electrochemical microfilm suppressor, on-line automatic regeneration, high suppression capacity, low background conductance, low noise, baseline stability, maintenance-free. Anti-pollution, good pressure, long life, the use of a wide range (PH0-14). Small size, stable time, stable time is not greater than 12 minutes, and good reproducibility.
8, chromatography workstation:
24-bit high-precision high-sensitivity digital-to-analog conversion. Dedicated ion chromatography workstation, through high-performance USB way with the computer for digital signal transmission, complete the cation and cation data acquisition and processing. Can achieve the instrument anti-control operation, through the computer online set the instrument operating parameters, man-machine dialogue. Automatically receive analysis and control to save instrument chromatographic conditions. Automatic recognition of negative peak, baseline subtraction function. Automatic integration of parameters, automatically generate reports. Automatically detect the instrument running status, the operation of the fault alarm and the instrument to provide protection measures.
* 9, test technical indicators: (JJG823-2014 "ion chromatograph measurement test procedures" shall prevail, and provide according to the procedures issued by the type of evaluation report, measuring instrument type approval certificate and measurement equipment permit)
Anions: detectable F-, Cl-, NO2-, PO43-, Br-, SO42-, NO3-, ClO2-, BrO3-, ClO3-
Cation: detectable Li +, Na +, NH4 +, K +, Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Sr2 +, Ba2 +
Lower detection limit:
Cl-≤00005μg / mL (injection volume 25μL, eluent hydroxide system)
BrO3-≤00005μg / mL (injection volume 25μL, eluent hydroxide system)
Li + ≤ 0.002 μg / mL (injection volume 25 μL)
Linear correlation coefficient ≥ 0.999
Linear range: ≥103 (in Cl-)
Baseline noise: ≤ 0.5% FS
Baseline drift: ≤1.0% FS
Column oven temperature stability: ≤ 0.1 ℃ / h
10. voltammetry (amperes) detector
There are four detection methods, namely, DC amps, pulse amps, integral amps, differential pulse voltammetry.
The use of flow way or flow injection method, matching the appropriate working electrode, you can complete the above four methods of measurement. Applicable to bromine, iodine, sulfur, cyanide and other anions, lead, copper, zinc, cadmium and other cationic and organic matter detection.
Lower detection limit:
CN-≤0.001 [mu] g / mL (injection volume 25 [mu] L)
I-≤0.003μg / mL (injection volume 25μL)

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