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PIC-10A type (single system autosampler)


Product details


Parameters of PIC-10A type (mono-system and auto sampler)

1. Applications

Widely used in the field of tap water, environmental monitoring, health and epidemic prevention, quality inspection, petrochemical, geological exploration, medicine production inspection

2. Working environment

Volt: Ac220v±10% 50Hz; Temperature: 10~30℃; Humidity: 25~85%

3. Parameters

(1)Inorganic anions:F-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,SO42-,Br-,PO43-,ClO2-,ClO3-,BrO3-

  Inorganic cations:Li+,Na+,NH4+,K+,Ca2+,Mg2+,Sr2+,Ba2+

(2)Integration of internal thermostat system (Patent No.200820019630.3), With temperature range 5-65℃ and precision ±0.01℃

(3)The system is readily operated by the mouse, and is capable of selecting the range, zero adjust and set the current.

(4)Inside the screen has a small-scale workstation, It exhibittreat the chromatogram ,and save the data.

(5)Integration of conductivity detectorinjection valvefluid pumpwork station and thermostat system. If the instrument is provided with cation exchange column, the instrument can synchronously analyze anions and cations. User can select the configuration by their need.

*(6)The auto-sampler is connected to the ion chromatograph via dedicated interface, It inject samples automatically, needless of human duty and are highly efficient
Conductivity detector;
1Five pole cellThe electrode employ annulus passivated 316 stainless steel with cell capacity less than 0.8ul. It overcomes the difficulty of electrode polarization. High signal to noise ratio. The instrument is configured with electronic thermostat and temperature compensation device, With temperature range 5-65℃ and precision ±0.01℃, temperature compensation1.7-2.0%)/The entrance of conductivity detector is connected to the micro-membrane suppressor with the maximum pressure is 10MPa1500Psi)。
2Conductivity detection range 0-35000uS, adjustable, has the manual and automatic gear selection function
3Resolutionnot less than 1/40000(≤0.0020ns/cm)
4Baseline noise: less than0.06Fs; Baseline driftless than ±0.7Fs
5Linear range:100 Correlation coefficient:≥0.995 namely linear error≤0.5%
6Output volt range-6000mv+6000mv Zero adjust range-6000mv+6000mv
7Suppressor current0-150mA, 1mA increment, set on the screen by users.
Fluid pump
The device is double plunger reciprocating pump controlled by microprocessor. It employs advanced intelligent control algorithm, minimizing the flow pulsation. It has a RS-232/485 interface, and can bring about dual to quaternary gradient elution and computer remote control.
1Withstand pressure range042.0MPa(stainless steel), 0~35MPa(PEEK materials)
2Velocity range0.001ml/min9.999ml/min0.001ml/min increment
3PrecisionRSD0.1% Determined by 1ml/min
4Velocity precision:<0.1%
5Pressure sensoraccuracy 0.1MPa
6Excessive pressurewhen the pressure is over the maximum pressure or less than the minimum pressure, the system will shutdown automatically and alarm.

6Circulation system
The circulation system is made of PEEK materials(imported)which show good compatibility with different column and eluent, allowing the use of strong acid or strong base eluent, tolerating 100% organic solvent.
Auto-regenerating membrane suppressor, On-line regeneration, High capacity, Low background conductivity, Low noise, straight baseline and free of maintenance. 
Strong resistance to pollution and is durable, the PH range 0-14. The volume is small and the system is stabilized within 12min, good reproducibility.
Working station
high sensitivity and high precision digital-to-analog conversion. Dedicated ion chromatograph workstation, which transmit digital message with computer via USB, Collect and treat the data. Reverse control operation of the instrument, On-line setting the parameters and man-machine dialogue. Automatically receiveanalyze and controlthe chromatographic conditions. Function of distinguish negative peak automatically and baseline subtraction. Automatic integration and generation of reports. Automatic detection of the instrument state, alarm the fault and provide protection.
The auto-sampler employ electric valve full pipe injection, trace amount sample injection and rapid determination, Settle the problem of residual
injection rate and reproducibility

Actual acquisition of the number of standard samplesnot less than100
Bottle capacity
≥10ml,100 amount of bottle
Injection volume:0.1uL-1000uL(full pipe injection)
Reproducibility for injection volume
0.01RSD(Injection volume: 5uL-1000uL)
Cross contamination
* 10
.Technical parameters(Using technical indicators approved by the license for manufacturing measuring instrument as standard)
Anions: Simultaneous detection of F-,Cl-,NO2-,NO3-,SO42-,Br-,PO43-,ClO2-,ClO3-,BrO3-

Detection limits≤2×10-4μg/g (Cl-),Reproducibility; better than 1.5%(SO42-) Linear range100
Cations: Simultaneous detection of Li+
Detection limits≤7×10-3μg/g (Na+), Reproducibility; better than 1.5%(Na+) Linear range
Voltammetric(Amperometric)Detection(selectively configured by different user)
Four detection mode, namely 
DC amperometric detectionpulsed amperometric detectionIntegral amperometric detectiondifferential pulse voltammetry
The flow path or flow injection proof mode, use of proper work electrode to complete the  determination  with the four methods. Applied to the detection of bromideiodidesulfidecyanide(etc anions),Leadcupriczinccadmium(etc cations)and organic compound.
Linear range
Detection limits
Br-1.5 ?g/L I-5 ?g/L  S2-5 ?g/L  CN-30 ?g/L Cu2+0.5 ?g/L Zn2+1 ?g/LPb2+0.2?g/L Cd2+0.1?g/L
Note: Due to technical progress update, the performance indicators will improve, site indicators for reference only.

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