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PAS-III autosampler


Product details

Basic parameters
Movement mode: XYZ three-axis linkage
Number of samples: up to 120 digits;
Number of sample plates: 2
Control mode: online mode or touch mode free to switch
Display size: 4.3-inch highlight touch LCD;
Communication: 485 interface
With automatic dilution function
Infusion method: syringe pump
Injection pump volume: 5ml
Whether with six-way valve: optional
Does it contain a separate needle: Yes
Dimensions: 360 * 280 * 260 (W * D * H)
Detailed explanation
one. A multi-purpose machine, powerful
1: injector, diluent, with the three functions of unity, more efficient;
2: with touch mode and online mode two use mode, you can dual mode switch;
3: can be set to start the password to facilitate the management of laboratory equipment;
4: configuration 485 communication interface, can be used with a variety of chromatograph;
5: with needle washing function, independent needle washing, infusion needle washing method, fast and efficient;
Two: innovative structural design, compact and lightweight equipment, more efficient work
1: double sample plate, while in use, the other side can be prepared samples;
2: XYZ three-axis synchronization, to achieve injection, faster, more efficient;
3: 360 * 280 * 260 (wide * deep * high) mini body;
4: long needle combination needle, to adapt to a variety of sampling bottle structure, completely avoid the vacuum sampling;
5: with a large dose of vials to meet the user a large dose of dilution, injection with;
6: closed working conditions, more conducive to the health of experimental staff;
7: the use of corrosion-resistant protective coating, not afraid of corrosion samples, more durable;
Three: a variety of parameters, the user can customize, the use of more flexible
Start bottle position, end bottle position: 0 ~ 104 users optional;
Sampling times: 1 ~ 99 times optional;
Sampling: 10ul ~ 5000ul user can customize;
Cleaning times: 1 ~ 20 times optional;
Dilution ratio: 1,2,5,10,20,50,100 times user selectable;
Time interval (analysis time): 1 ~ 900 minutes user can customize;
Needle movement speed, injection speed: high, medium and low, the user optional;
Four: user-friendly interface design, simple, high degree of automation, the movement process at a glance
1: shows the current run to the bottle number, the number of cleaning, sampling times;
2: show the current cleaning, filling and rinse, sampling, dilution, mixing, injection, analysis and other half-way process;
3: can manually test the function, can be individually controlled as a sample device, dilator, etc. use;


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