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PAS-II autosampler


Product details


Product Features 
PAS-II auto sampler is a new type of automatic control, independent work, and unattended automation equipment. Users can be based on different needs matching different types of ion chromatography; The device is easy to operate, with LCD touch screen in a human-computer interaction manner, using the RS485 serial communication interface with a computer connected or can be connected directly to the chromatograph; PAS-II auto sampler electric injection valves employ full tubular injection method, a high degree of accuracy and repeatability; direct Trace sample injection and rapid analysis, effective solution to the injection residues, injection speed and injection reproducibility and other issues; The device is able to adopt a variety of samples, user-selectable injection volume, the amount of cleaning and their analysis times. Higher working efficiency and accuracy. 
Product technical parameters



Product Model



0.01% RSD (injection amount 5uL ~ 1000uL)

Number of samples


Position control accuracy 
Movement pattern

Three-axis (rotating disk move needle shelves, telescoping movement around the needle holder)

Vial volume

≥ 6ml

Sample loop volume

0.1uL-1000uL (full pipe injection)


CV <0.001%

Syringe cleaning

Inner diameter, outer wall cleaning

Control mode

LCD touch screen human-computer interaction control, using RS485 serial interface

Input power



500X336X430 (mm) Length X width X height

Injection valve

Imports of high-pressure solenoid six-way valve

Other parameters

Position detection, location detection

Note: Due to technical progress update, the performance indicators will improve, site indicators for reference only.

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